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AT-Vivian Melody :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 8 0 AT-Felicia :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 9 11 Jewel Theft! :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 7 11 Misael?... :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 7 8 Sapphire Oka-Online request :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 14 17 Sapphire Oka-Jewel theft :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 11 10 Misty By Yumi Yu :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 11 7
Chapter 4-Fallen and i can't get up!
ok ok ok!
All you need to do is get hit with the ball,go to the nurse and stay there until its time to go home and this hell will be over!Sapphire thought.Hey watch out!Yuma yelled but Sapphire didn't listen.The ball was inches away from her face.Yes its coming!Sapphire.I got it!Blossom shouted.She ran to Sapphire and kicked the ball.Damn it!Sapphire thought.Yuma watch where your kicking these balls or ill kick yours!Blossom scolded.O-Ok!Yuma said a little scared.So are ok?Blossom asked.Yeah.Sapphire said a little disappointed.You don't have class period.Blossom said.Hold on I heard of you!Your that goth chick!Blossom said.Whats your name again?Blossom asked.Sappie,Safie,Sapp-ok,ok its Sapphire,she said dieing inside.Oh sorry!So whay are you out here?Blossom asked.Oh well its a long story,Sapphire said.
-After a long drama story later-
Wow she said that?!Your day sucks!Blossom said.Yeah I noticed.And I'm sorry about that ball thing.Yeah me too,Sapphire said.You know I could kick t
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Misty By Young Undead Blood :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 5 3 Diastershipping By Xorsama :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 2 0
Chapter three-3 strikes and your out!
Chapter three-3 strikes and your out!
I cant belive this,Sapphire cried.How could he do this to me,to us!Sapphire asked.But her thoughts were interrupted by a giggle.Hmm,Mhm,wll its simple really,he doesn't like you,Kunzite snickered.Wh-what?Sapphire asked.Come on,do you really think I didn't your little crush on Misael?!What are you talking about!Sapphire said while blushing.Look,lets get something straight!Misael Kanji is mine and always will be mine,so you need to get that through you gothic head!Kunzite commanded or things well get ugly!You mean uglier than your Gucci Purse?Sapphire said with her arms folded ready for anything Kunzite had to say.The two stared at each other saying nothing"..."Look just stay away from him or you'll be sorry!Kunzite threated.Well you don't have to worry about that,Sapphire started,were not friends anymore.Sapphire said with tears in her eyes.Go figure why would he want to hang out with someone like you?!...Sapphire didn't say anything
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Goth Sketch :iconsapphrie27:Sapphrie27 4 4
Chapter two-So thats it?...
Chapter two-So that's it?...
First Period
  We all had to do a Social Studies project so that mean its library time,yay. -.- As me and Misael head to the library I see one of my closes friends Ginger.She has brown orangeish hair curled at the bottom to her shoulders and a big red bow,she's one of the coolest girls in school I wonder why she wants to hang with me.Sapphire!She said running towards us.Hey Sapphire what are you two up to?She asked,we're heading to the library we have a project in Mr.Tazu's class so he sent everyone to the library to do research.Sapphire explained.Aw man!But its to late in the year to do a project!Ginger whinded.Its the middle of the year and if you want to pass his class you'll get off your lazy butt and do it!Sapphire scolded.Ugh fine!Ginger pouted.
 As the three walked into the library people couldn't help but stare and whisper again.Dont worry about them,Ginger said while putting her hand on Sapphires back.Don't worry I wasn't planning to,Sapp
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Chapter one-The Rumors
Chapter one-The Rumors
Beep Beep Beep!
Ugh!Groaned Sapphire.Damn alarm clock!She moaned hitting the snooze button.
The names Sapphire Oka.I have long hair down to my waist with bangs a purpleish blackish color,pail skin,and a diamond shape birthmark and my right check a sapphire color.I go to Heartland Academy.I'm a third year student,I have a few friends there but the best one,is my bestfriend is Misael Kanji!(Kanji = Dragon)Well,at least I hope...
Oh god i'm going to be late!Sapphire yelled to herself while running.Sapphire!Misael yelled while waveing.Oh,hey Misael!Why are you running its only 7:36 we have 24 minuets lets get breakfeast first,ok Sapphire said-Starbucks skip-
The two enter the school only to hear whispers.Isn't he to cool to hang out with her?one girl whispers.I heard the only reason he hangs out with her is because she wouldn't stop bothering him until he said yes.Another student whispers.What's that all about?Asked Sapphire
Who knows.Misael shrugged it off but
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Happy Birthday Boo!! (Swift #2) :iconscarletu-rozu:Scarletu-Rozu 16 8 Happy Birthday Norieh!! :iconscarletu-rozu:Scarletu-Rozu 19 24 Happy Birthday Boo!! (Swift #1) :iconscarletu-rozu:Scarletu-Rozu 24 12 Welcome to my Devian! :icongalaxy-tiger:Galaxy-Tiger 24 10 Elena [High School] (16-19 years) :iconblueberry-cloud:Blueberry-Cloud 83 7 Thank You Zexal :iconeleanorose123:Eleanorose123 12 13 [ygo] more sourpatch plus one actual sourpatch kid :iconladyziodyne:LadyZiodyne 11 26 commission 9 for victoria-zepeda :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 97 11 commission 7 4 victoria-zepeda :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 85 12 Funny :iconkyoyatategami13:KyoyaTategami13 71 21 Metal Fight Beyblade - Tsubasa Otori :iconkinakojurai:KinakoJurai 63 39 MFB Lennox Blaze Legend-Blader-Spirit :iconsamblazexkyoya:SamBlazeXKyoya 36 22 commission 4 raven-sara :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 49 13 commission 4 friend2alex :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 59 28 commission14 4 victoria-zepeda :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 76 8 commission 3 4 victoria-ootori :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 141 28



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